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This website is my personal project to help those researching North Carolina history and genealogy. It's a big project but unfortunately I still have a few more years before I can retire from my day job, so please considering helping out with one or more of these options. If you have any questions whatsoever please contact me at info@nclandgrants.com


David McCorkle

  • HELP WITH COSTS. My intent has always been for this website to remain free for eveyone. I have no problems freely giving my time for this site, and expect nothing in return. However, there are real dollar costs associated with running this website. I decided at the start of this year (2020) to create a non-profit to run the website. The corporation has been officially formed as a North Carolina non-profit with the name NC Historical Records Online, but 501(c)(3) status with the IRS takes a while. Assuming that gets approved then contributions will be tax deductible retroactively. If you are interested in contributing please contact me at info@nclandgrants.com
  • ALLOW ME TO COPY YOUR DVDs. If you have purchased DVDs of microfilm from the State Archives of NC that apply to this site, such as warrants, surveys, deeds, etc., please contact me about getting copies made to put on the site to share with the world. Your name (or in honor of, anonymous, etc.) will be listed as the contributor under each image you provide. You can either send them via mail and I will return them, or if you have high speed internet (a reel can be up to 10 gigabytes) we can use a service like dropbox.
  • ORDER DVDS FOR ME TO COPY. If there are microfilms for specific counties that you want to see on this website, considering ordering a digital scan of the reel(s) on DVD from the State Archives of NC and letting me copy them as described above. See http://archives.ncdcr.gov/Public/Services/Duplication-Services for more details. Please contact me first before doing this to make sure no one else has already ordered them.
  • SEND RELATED DOCUMENTS/MAPS. If you have transcribed grant information such as the metes and bound in a file or using a product like Deedmapper, please send me an email and I can see if we can put it on the site. My plan is to make it easy for anyone to add "user content" to each grant, and it will help to see what type of content is out there. I'm especially interested in any regional plat maps people have made.
  • SEND CORRECTIONS. If you find mistakes in the data, please let me know. Note that this is specifically for transcription errors where the name/info on the website does not match what was written in the original document. If a name is spelled "incorrectly" in the original document, I plan to eventually provide a way to add it as an alternate name.
  • SEND SUGGESTIONS. Any and all suggestions related to this website such as usability, content, layout, etc. are appreciated. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, everything will be taken as "constructive criticism", plus I can always ignore it!
  • HELP WITH TRANSCRIPTONS AND INDEXING. In the near (hopefully!) future there will be a way for people to help index the information on this website. All the Patent Book pages and all the loose documents for Mecklenburg County were indexed by me, but there is way more on the site now than I can do alone. It takes about an hour to index a reel of loose documents, and for example Wilkes County has 33 reels! If you register on the site you can select the Volunteer checkbox if you are interested, and I'll contact you when everything is ready.

Content on this website not originating from the State Archives of North Carolina is Copyright 2015 by David M. McCorkle